We build apps that people love
Today, the challenge of building a digital product is not the building itself. It’s about shaping ideas into a useful scope and into a product your users love. We have the expertise, tools and processes to create the right product in weeks. Not months.
We are Chakor
Chakor is a social bird and likes to stay in groups. Its the national bird of Pakistan. 
Our roots
Since 2014 we have helped more than 100 clients bring their products to market. We are a team of highly qualified Software engineers graduated from the best universities of Pakistan. Headquartered in the most vibrant city of Pakistan called Lahore. We all love chai and love to hangout out together as a team. Looking to have some fun time, join us at lunch someday!
How we work
We give special attention to the design phase. Whenever a new project onboards, our team members and client sit together to brainstorm. In this phase, we usually have multiple sittings with the client. At the end of this phase we have low-fidelity wireframes. 
Once the wireframes have been created and approved by the client, we find/prepare a UI kit based on brand’s preferences and move on to development phase. We use practical tools instead of fancy frameworks. With the help of these tools we are able to quickly shape up the product according to the wireframes. 
1. Design
Includes multiple brainstorming sessions, back and fourth communication with clients, making wireframes and preparing UI Kit.
2. Develop
Includes development of the application following the roadmap and wireframes. Also includes testing and iterating.
3. Deploy
Includes going live, user testing, touchups, and off-boarding. We are always available for scaling and maintenance.
Tools we use
We use practical tools instead of fancy frameworks. Whenever we hit a limitation of any tool, we code our way around that limitation.

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