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Today, the challenge of building a digital product is not the building itself. It’s about shaping ideas into a useful scope and into a product your users love. We have the expertise, tools and processes to create the right product in weeks. Not months.
web application
Web Application
Fully responsive web and mobile applications including marketplaces, SaaS, CRMs or even a project management tool.
workflow automation
Workflow Automation
Stop copy and pasting. Scale yourself by automating your work through custom-built web and mobile applications for your business.
Consultancy for development of custom-built web and mobile applications.
Maintenance and Iteration
Bug fixes and improvements in your functional web and mobile applications.
Are you an individual with an idea?
Our clients often see new business opportunities but have trouble capitalizing due to lack of time and other road blocks.
We offer a clear road map. Through research, ideating and experience we can help frame and shape these ideas and turn them into products at lightning speed.
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individual with an idea
Looking to build an MVP for your startup?
Startups usually have tight budget and time constraints. We have the capability to help clarity and tools to build the MVP in record time so you can enter the market months ahead of the competition.
We help you deliver an MVP users fall in love with and investors want to be part of.
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Looking to digitally transform your business?
Small and repeated tasks are often the biggest impediment to growth of a business. Automating them can help you free up a lot of time and energy and can help you focus on what matters most.
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transform your business
Are you looking to outsource your work?
If you have work overload or are simply looking to outsource software development Chakor might be a good option for you. We have been working for many reputable software development companies out there for last 8 years and have pretty solid testimonials to back our claims. let’s talk!
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outsource your work
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