Best Solution For Increasing Storage Capacity in
Waleed Mudassar
July 26, 2022

Is your app storage intensive and storing many files? Is bubble charging you too much for extra storage? The best solution for increasing the file storage capacity in bubble is here! It’s the one and only Wasabi Cloud storage.

What is wasabi?

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is universal, one size fits all cloud object storage service that eliminates confusing storage tiers and satisfies nearly all storage performance requirements. Wasabi is a fast, efficient, durable, cost-effective cloud storage solution.

Wasabi hot cloud storage eliminates the complexity that first-generation cloud storage providers create with confusing tiered storage services with different performance characteristics, price points and SLAs and simplifies your data storage implementations with Wasabi.

Pros and Cons of Wasabi?

ProsConsFastCustomer Support is a little basicAffordableNo free-forever optionNo fees for API requestsAPI documentation needs improvementVersatile cloud storage solution

Wasabi Pricing

Wasabi has one of the best pricing you can get. Comparing it to amazon AWS S3 it’s nearly 80% cheaper on top of that there are no fees for API Requests and Egress.

Wasabi has one of the best pricing you can get. Comparing it to amazon AWS S3 it’s nearly 80% cheaper on top of that there are no fees for API Requests and Egress.

Wasabi has two pricing options

  1. Pay As You Go: This costs just $0.0059 per GB a month ($5.99 per TB a month). There are no secret fees, arrangement fees, or some other costs, including charges for API demands or departure. On top of this, there’s a free trial that empowers you to test the stage for a month before you focus on a subscription. Nonetheless, you will just approach essential support except if you pay for a premium support plan, which can be pricey.
  2. Reserved Capacity Storage: On the other hand, you can buy long-term held storage in one, three, or five-year increments. This is fundamentally less expensive than the pay-more only as costs arise choice, which pursues it an incredible decision for businesses that realize they will have long-term storage prerequisites.

Prices for long-term storage shift as indicated by the length of your subscription. As a sign, 100TB for a five-year term will cost you roughly $38,456. A long-term storage plan likewise accompanies premium support, which is ideal to see.


What's the use of storage if it’s not safe and secure? Wasabi provides you with top-notch, high-end secure storage. Wasabi has premier top-tier data centres with 24/7 onsite security. It provides you with HTTPS secure uploads and downloads, along with that it automatically encrypts your data which is immutable at the bucket and object level.

Wasabi Data Centers and Locations

Wasabi has its data centres at various locations around the world so that you can get faster access based on your location.

Wasabi has one of the best pricing you can get. Comparing it to amazon AWS S3 it’s nearly 80% cheaper on top of that there are no fees for API Requests and Egress.

The data centres used to host our storage regions are listed below. For network transport and other planning purposes, the physical location of Wasabi data centres is as follows:

Wasabi us-east-1 (N. Virginia)
Digital Realty, 44100 Digital Loudoun Plaza, Ashburn VA 20147
Digital Reality 44100 Digital Loudoun Plaza, Building J Spec Sheet
Iron Mountain 11680 Hayden Rd, Manassas, VA 20109

Wasabi us-east-2 (N. Virginia)
Iron Mountain 11680 Hayden Rd, Manassas, VA 20109

Wasabi us-west-1 (Oregon)
Flexential, 5737 NE Huffman St, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Wasabi us-central-1 (Texas)
Flexential, 3500 E Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074

Wasabi ca-central-1 (Toronto)
Equinix TR6, 30 Bramtree Court, Brampton, ON, L6S 5Z7, Canada

Wasabi eu-central-1 (Amsterdam)
Equinix AM4, Science Park. Amsterdam, Netherlands 610 1098 XH

Wasabi eu-central-2 (Frankfurt)
Equinix FR2, Larchenstrasse 110, Griesheim, 65933 Frankfurt, Germany

Wasabi eu-west-1 (London)
Equinix LD7, 1 Banbury Ave, Slough SL1 4LH, UK

Wasabi eu-west-2 (Paris)
Equinix PA3, 114 Rue Ambroise Croizat, Saint-Denis, 93200, France

Wasabi ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo)
NTT TK10, 5 Chome-1-12 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo, 181-0013, Japan

Wasabi ap-northeast-2 (Osaka)
NTT OS7, 3-2 Odatoshibacho, Ibaraki City, Osaka 567-0013, Japan

Wasabi ap-southeast-1 (Singapore)
Equinix SG4, 7 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore, SG, 535218

Wasabi ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)
Equinix SY5, Unit B, 200 Bourke Road, Alexandria, Sydney, NSW 2015, Australia

Use Cases

Wasabi can be used in many circumstances and use cases. I would like to share some of them with you so that you can know why you need it or what value it can provide you.

Active archives, long-term archives, no matter–because at Wasabi, data storage is simply data storage. And it’s all hot storage.

Backup & Recovery
Data backup and recovery is not a problem now because Wasabi provides instant access to your backup

Content Delivery
Wasabi has partnered with innovative CDN providers including Cloudflare, Fastly, and Limelight Networks. Clients can employ Wasabi’s inexpensive, high-performance, exabyte-scale cloud storage for origin storage while using our partners’ CDN offerings to deliver content to end users—fast.

Video cameras are seemingly everywhere these days. Advances in IP video surveillance hardware and software coupled with increasing concerns for public safety have fueled an unprecedented rise in fixed and mobile video surveillance adoption in law enforcement, cities, retail locations, airports, large venues, and workplaces around the globe. Wasabi provides the best solution for storing your surveillance data.

Wasabi provides the ultimate data protection from ransomware with a secure bucket and object locking. With immutable copies of your data in the cloud, you can ease the fear of ransomware attacks and focus on running your business instead of risking losing it.

Internet of Things
Between 30 and 50 billion IoT devices are expected to be interconnected by 2020, and they’ll generate tens to hundreds of zettabytes of data to be stored, depending on which research company’s predictions you believe. Wasabi allows you to store that data at 80% less cost.

Wasabi hot cloud storage is extremely affordable, fast and reliable cloud object storage for any purpose. Specifically conceived to make storage a commonplace utility like electricity, Wasabi is easy to understand, easy to automate and exceptionally cost-effective to scale, making it perfect for DevOps.

It takes huge amounts of data to “train” AI and ML applications to get meaningful results. An image recognition application, for example, needs to see “hundreds of thousands, even millions of images” before it can perform reliably, according to the GPU hardware provider NVIDIA.

Given those sorts of requirements, without a cost-effective data storage strategy, AI and ML projects may never get off the ground. Wasabi offers just such a strategy, at cost of only a fraction of alternatives including AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Storage.

Data Analytics
Data analytics are crucial to faster, better decision-making for organizations in any vertical industry. Success depends on employees having fast, secure access to vast quantities of data from wherever they may be.
That’s exactly what Wasabi hot cloud storage provides— inexpensive, high-performance, exabyte scale cloud storage that drives effective data analytics applications.

How to use it in bubble?

Are you convinced that Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is the solution to your data storage problem? Yes! You are in right place I’ll help you set up and use Wasabi in your application. Please follow the instructions given below to get the best out of Wasabi.

Step 1: Create an account on Wasabi

Go to, fill up the form and create your account

Step 2: Add Payment Method
Go to Billing Section in the Wasabi console and add a payment method

Step 3: Create Access key
Go to the Access keys section and click on create new access key button.

Save the Access Key and the Secret Key somewhere safe.

Step 4: Install the Wasabi Cloud Storage plugin by Zeroqode×484352338159730700 and install this plugin to your bubble app.

After you have installed the plugin paste the Access Key and Secret Key into the plugin.

Voila! Your are there. For detailed workflow visit here:

Final Thoughts

I have used Wasabi in multiple apps and so far I find it to be very the best solution to increase my bubble app storage capacity. It’s easy to use , affordable and efficient which are the plus points of using Wasabi.

There is only one more thing I wish Wasabi can provide that is direct integration into bubble app instead of using the plugin, that way I don’t have to setup workflows every time I have to upload an image to wasabi

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