A SAAS app for digital asset management
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Brandbay's Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a SAAS app that helps agencies, marketing professionals and individuals to effortlessly handle digital assets for different brands at the same time, it also simplifies the storage, editing, and collaboration with teams, allowing multiple people to work together on storing, editing, and managing brand assets – logos, images, videos, fonts, style guide etc. Users can even edit images directly within BrandBay using built-in tools, eliminating the need for switching between multiple softwares. The app ensures efficiency through secure file storage using Wasabi's external hot cloud storage. It also provides dedicated server support for domain-level white labeling, where users can personalize the app with their own branding, making it look and feel more like their own, and the dedicated server support ensures a smoother and more exclusive experience for the users. In simple terms, Brandbay helps users manage their digital assets effectively.
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United States
12 weeks
Web Application, Browser Extensions
The experience with Chakor has been very pleasing to be able to work with a team that has a good understanding of no-code development and can deliver on time. We have worked with a dedicated developer who walked us through the database design and more from the start. As we have gone through the development process, the team can collaborate on more complicated parts of the app and can discuss all of the intricate UX workflows, ending with a really quality product to take to market. The team is easy to work with, communicates well, and listens well! I have been very happy with our experience thus far.
Ty Duran