Circular Monster
Depreciated IT hardware. Successful disposal.
Tools & Technologies, Balsamiq, Postmark
What We Did
Wireframing, MVP development, Integrations
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Circular Monster
CircularMonster sells used items like laptops, mouse, keyboards etc. They used to manually create batches on excel, email the details to different potential buyers who would bid an amount on that batch. Then maintain the bids on a separate excel sheet. The web app / portal we developed automates this complete process. It gives the ability to the admin to login to his dashboard, upload batches and manage batches and be able to invite potential buyers and send email notifications, all from within the portal. Potential buyers generally prefer bidding over emails. Circularmonster allows them to bid quickly by replying to the email notification they received, without going through the hassles of signing into the portal as well as they can login to view and manage their bids. In order to integrate bid from email replies back into the portal, we used postmark web hooks, explained in detail in our blog post about how to integrate postmark with apps
Trade, Import / Export, IT Buyback
Product Type
Marketplace, CRM, Customer Dashboard
4 weeks
Web application
From idea to online. About a month ago we started with just an idea, Circularmonster. Based on my vision, we made a sketch together, after which team Chakor started to build. As in any project, we encountered some obstacles along the way, for example, we were facing some limitations within the platform we were building on. Because the team consists of a number of experts, they were able to solve this by taking a different route. We now have an MVP. From here the only way is up!
Jeffrey Slootjes
Founder, Circularmonster®