FarmPro Trucking
Streamlining agri-transport for truckers
Tools & Technologies, Plaid, Stripe, BDK Native
What We Did
Wireframing, Design, Mobile App Development
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FarmPro Trucking
FarmPro is a user-friendly platform connecting agricultural truckers with suitable commodity loads. The app simplifies load selection to fit schedules of drivers. The drivers also receive fast payments, with the option for funds within 24 hours post-load completion. FarmPro simplifies administrative tasks by facilitating electronic capture, verification, and submission of paperwork and receipts. Additionally, the platform enables direct communication between truckers and shippers through an in-app chat feature, enhancing overall efficiency in the agriculture commodity transportation industry.
Agritculture, Transportation and Logistics
Product Type
United States
6 weeks
Mobile Application
Communication, customer service, and execution have been great with Chakor. As a non-technical online marketplace founder, I was in search of a quick, low-cost method for developing a marketplace app. I interviewed several companies state-side and overseas and although their price was very good, they easily won me over by asking detailed questions on specifications, truly understanding the product requirements before throwing out a development number. As we began our relationship, the Chakor dev team was dedicated, communicated well, and was open to adjustments as we dug into the details. We had some difficulties with the Apple app release, but they stuck with it and released the product as promised. Communication was great, I do not doubt if issues arise in the future they will be there to support, and execution to the specifications was done very well.
Bryan Buerkle
Founder- FarmPro