Assisting businesses in attaining their sustainability objectives.
Tools & Technologies
Bubble.io, Make, Open API, Twilio, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, BDK Native
What We Did
Wireframing, Design, Mobile App Development
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Orbaid is an AI-powered app enables businesses to monitor and attain their sustainability objectives. The app offers nine default trackers and over 40 sustainable actions, guiding businesses to monitor and achieve sustainability goals. When a business accepts an action, each initiative transforms into a customizable project. These projects are thoughtfully equipped with associated trackers, such as 'Cost Reduced,' 'Energy Saved,' and 'Hours Saved.' As businesses complete projects, they actively contribute to sustainability. Upgrading to the premium version allows businesses to create custom trackers and personalize their sustainability journey based on their goals.
Sustainability, Circular Economy
Product Type
B2B SaaS
United States
12 weeks
Mobile Application