Simple and intuitive resume building & management software for professional services firms
Tools & Technologies, Balsamiq, Intro.js, Stripe, Sendgrid, ProxyCurl
What We Did
Strategy, Wireframing, UI/UX, Web App Development
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PROLOTIC resume management software is your marketing secret sauce. Professional service firms need to respond to Request for Proposals (RFPs) as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ve simplified custom resume generation, so you can focus on building relationships and responding to new projects requests, not searching your server for the “best go-by” for a random resume. Put your best foot forward, faster! – Centralized Place for Project History. – Customized Output to Match your Current Format – Quick Data Input – Multiple Options for Project Detail Selection
Services, B2B
Product Type
SaaS, Document Generator, Storage
Denver, Colorado, United States
8 weeks
Web Application
Chakor has been great to work with on my SaaS idea. They communicated well, were prompt and polite in all business transactions, and seem to genuinely care about my product. Communications were efficient and organized, using Slack, Google Docs, and Loom videos. I appreciate both the high-level insights and technical advice they were able to give on my pricing and product functionality. Team Chakor has been great to work with! Tim DeMasters Founder, Prolotic
Tim DeMasters
Founder, Prolotic