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TheKedua mobile app is an agile initiative to empower and improve the lives of millions in Malaysia. On one digital platform that makes it simple to browse your preferred jobs, up-skilling information and more. TheKedua provides well-crafted solutions to counter the high cost of living and unemployment issues amongst the B40s, including the fresh graduates in Malaysia. The mobile app bridges the gap between gig companies and digital era jobseekers. On top of that, users are now able to browse a myriad of opportunities in the same room as they also share vacancies in the traditional job market. You can stay productive no matter where you are as long as your tech gadgets are connected to the internet. It is also in line with our aspiration to promote sustainable economic growth, rewarding employment and decent work for all.
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8 weeks
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At first, I was skeptical due to our experience with a local freelancer. However, it felt different working with Bubble's agency this time. It felt like I had an in-house developer working in the next room. Let's just say that our previous developer needed more than eight months to complete what Chakor did within 12 days. The price quoted to us was reasonable as well. And I was fortunate enough to work with Hadia (one of their employees), a very professional lady who was willing to work things out per my wishlist (the perfectionist kind of requests) without making me feel bad. Fast forward five months later, we have not encountered any bugs after Chakor rebuilt the mobile app via Bubble from scratch. And in totality, I had a great working experience, and it was an excellent decision to appoint them after the three-day trials.
Umar Akif
Founder, TheKedua